Dry Utility Coordination Services

Our goal is to assist you in easement acquisition, easement release, and bringing dry utility infrastructure (electric, gas, phone, cable) to serve your development by working with the local power and communication companies.

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Stormwater Consulting Services

Stormwater management makes a difference during and after construction; SDS is here to help you stay compliant 
and maintain a “clean site” for the home owners and potential home buyers driving through your development.

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Postal Pad & Cluster Box Services

SDS will coordinate with USPS and your local PO to help you install the necessary 
postal pad and cluster boxes for your development.

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Our Priority Is Your Development.

Dry Utility Coordination

Electric, Gas, Phone & Cable

Stormwater Consulting

SWPPP & SWQ Annual Permit Renewal

Sangalang Postal Pad Install and Coordination Services

Postal Pad & Cluster Box

Install & Coordination

From Our Customers

I  have enjoyed my business relationship with Sangalang Development Services (SDS) for several years now.  When a new subdivision needs gas facilities and SDS is involved I feel assured that the project will go smoothly.  They submit requests early and stay on top of their projects which makes my life easier.  It is a pleasure doing business with them.

Sherry Blevins-Anderson

Developer Coordinator, CenterPoint Energy Gas Division