Dry Utility Design and Coordination

Power, Gas & Communication Services

Sangalang Development Services has been assisting clients navigate through the challenging process of bringing electric, gas, phone, and cable (dry utilities) to their residential, commercial, and industrial developments for almost 10 years.

Why Hire Sangalang?

The process of successfully coordinating dry utilities can be frustrating, especially when the coordination does not run parallel with construction schedules and financial budgets.

We pride ourselves in finding solutions and collaborating with the varied dry utility companies to meet your development schedule.

We accomplish this by closely working with our client, the client’s engineer/surveyor, and the dry utility companies from design to construction.

Our Capabilities

Our experts in dry utility coordination are prepared to handle any conflicts to avoid costly improvements.

Our team is responsible for ensuring your development receives the necessary dry utility infrastructure in a timely manner and work to resolve any delays and unforeseen circumstances so that your development isn’t compromised.

Our background in dry utility coordination helps us to perform cost-estimates, determine capabilities of existing utilities, as well as, determine if additional infrastructure is needed.  We believe in collaboration with the varied dry utility companies, to the benefit of all parties, which helps ensure your project is on schedule.

Summary of Dry Utility Coordination Services

Consent to Encroach
Release of Easement
Underground Residential Distribution
Relocation of Facilities
Master Three-Phase Power Plan for Ultimate Development
Three-Phase Overhead Distribution
Three-Phase Underground Distribution
Joint Trench (electric, gas, phone, cable)
Power to Lift Station, Landscaping, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water Plant, Rec-Center
Decorative Street Lights

List of providers we work with:


Centerpoint Energy




Texas Gas

Texas New Mexico Power